Northern Counties Dachshund Association Championship Show 2017

Dachshund (Long-haired - No CCs

Judge: Evan Ryan (Cavalli/Cavallibrook)


BEST OF BREED : HUTTON Ch River Rumpus Through Dachalune Sh.CM
Best Dog : HUTTON Ch River Rumpus Through Dachalune Sh.CM
Res Dog  : GARLICK Ranglewood Harvest Song
Best Bitch : GARLICK Ch Ranglewood Genista
Res Bitch : GARLICK Ranglewood Trick Or Treat 
Best Puppy : GARLICK Ranglewood Trick Or Treat & Reserve Best Puppy in Show
Best Veteran : HUTTON Ch River Rumpus Through Dachalune Sh.CM

Veteran Dog or Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: HUTTON Ch River Rumpus Through Dachalune Sh.CM
2nd: GARLICK Ch Ranglewood Genista
3rd: PASKINS Abydachs Summer Dream At Kindeace Sh.CM

Puppy Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: GARLICK Ranglewood Harvest Song
2nd: BUSHELL Ranglewood Harvest Hops

Junior Dog
1st: No Entries

Post Graduate Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: PASKINS Kindeace Mickey Mars
2nd: DIMON Labbadax Inspiration For Dimerlin
3rd: BREARLEY Labbadax Eyecatchin Shadow At Xanadax

Limit Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: GARLICK Ranglewood Arashi
2nd: URKE & MANSTON  Wardax Indian Summer Bonavoir

Open Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: Absent

Puppy Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: GARLICK Ranglewood Trick Or Treat
2nd: BOYLE & WREN Zarcrest Ava Gardner
Junior Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: PASKINS Territoriya Lubvi Vesna At Kindeace (Imp) 
2nd: HUTTON Dachalune Araxia
3rd: HUTTON Dachalune Abella

Post Graduate Bitch
1st: No Entries

Limit Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: GARLICK Ranglewood Laurel
2nd: HUTTON Dachalune Annysia 

Open Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: PASKINS Kindeace Rita Ora

Thank you to the committee for the kind invitation to judge at their inaugural ‘in association with
Darlington’ sub-group Championship Show. Having been to several of these events within my
own breeds, the wonderfully positive thing about your show was the fact it retained its own
identity, and had the distinct feel of a club show. This, no doubt due to the hard work of the expert
committee. Of course, at a show like this it is inevitable there will be clashes and absentees, but
these situations cannot be helped. Thanks to the exhibitors for their kind entries and
Dachshund (Long Haired)
Veteran Dog Or Bitch (3, 0)
1st) Hutton’s Ch River Rumpus Through Dachaline, lovely b/t dog, 7 years old and in really great
nick. Good head, eye and expression, great forequarters and angulation, good spring of rib and
strong loin, firm topline, well angulated hindquarters full of muscle, moved with great soundless
fore and aft and eyecatching in profile. Belies his years and in super nick with a wonderful coat of
great condition, BD, BOB and BVIB.
2nd) Garlick’s Ch Ranglewood Genista, very smart bitch who still looks great at 9 years, the
matriarch of a kennel who showed some lovely hounds today. Very little to separate her and the
dog and not surprised to find they were both champions, beautiful head being feminine whilst
retaining strength but in the class I preferred the head of the dog. Very good to go over, very much
of a piece, great front and rear angles, good topline and enough ribbing. Moved with great style
and verve, shouts quality and glamour. Excellent in coat and what long ear fringes! Grand old lady,
3rd) Paskin’s Abydachs Summer Dream at Kindeace ShCM
Puppy Dog (3, 1)
1st) Garlick’s Ranglewood Harvest Song, 11 month old b/t dog, full of type and preferred his
overall shape and balance to 2nd, really nice head and good shape to eye, very keen and
expressive, good forehand with neat elbows and good pro-sternum, level enough in topline and
well ribbed, moved with good soundness and style when he calmed down, good fore and aft and
nice in profile. Can still gain some body to advantage, RBD and BPD. I see he is a grandson of BB
and sister to RBB.
2nd) Bushell’s Ranglewood Harvest Hops, thought these two looked relatively similar in type and
now see they are brothers. Good head and eye also on this chap, but he wasn’t as settled today,
and where his brother could gain some weight to advantage, this chap could lose some to aid his
outline and ground clearance. Nice puppy however and a sound mover up and back, with good
rear drive off neat hocks.
Post Graduate Dog (3, 0)
1st) Paskin’s Kindeace Mickey Mars, 4 year old red dog, nice type and outline with good balance,
very nice to go over with good head and eye, fair enough shoulders, elbows could fit a bit neater,
good ribbing and nice topline, enough muscle and angulation to hindquarters. Lost out later on
accuracy front and rear, but nice in profile. Well coated and presented.
2nd) Dimon’s Labbadax Inspiration for Dimerlin, shaded red dog of 2.5 years, similar to first in
some ways, attractive when free stood and also very attentive. Felt he didn't have the overall
quality of first in head and eye, being slightly longer in foreface without the strength, excellent
dentition and pigmentation, decent shoulders but ribs could go further back. He is firm in topline
and has a well set and carried tail, enough muscle but not the drive of 1 when moving away.
3rd) Brearley’s Labbadax Eyecatchin Shadow at Xanadax
Limit Dog (2, 0)
1st) Garlick’s Ranglewood Arashi, I really liked this chap and considered him for higher honours,
not realising it was his son that was to beat him for RBD! Masculine in head being well balanced
and conical and with a well shaped, good dark eye, neat ears and excellent pigmentation.
Muscular neck and fair shoulder, perhaps could be of better position but blade and upper arm are
of decent length, good chest and neat elbows. All of a piece, and whilst he moved true in front
today, going away he went too close behind which cost him later. Looks like a good sire, being
the father of the RBB and RBD, and he is a quality hound. Delighted to judge three generations of
the same family today.
2nd) Urke and Manston’s Wardax Indian Summer Bonavoir, another nice hound, but a bit cloddy
throughout, not the elegance of Arashi and a little heavy over the shoulders today and also over
the ribs. Fair head but eyes rounder than Arashi’s and I felt this spoiled his expression for me.
Excellent in pigment and large gleaming teeth. He was a little sounder in rear than Arashi and so
very much weighted, the head and expression of Arashi winning today. He was however,
presented in great condition and well handled.
Puppy Bitch (2, 0)
1st) Garlick’s Ranglewood Trick Or Treat, a lovely b/t baby and really smart in outline, litter sister
to the RBD. She shares many of his attributes, but where he is slightly on the light side - she is a
little on the chubby side which doesn't overly help her outline. Feminine head, lovely dark eye of
good shape, and nice ears which she used well. Good to go over, well laid shoulders and good
return of upper arm, good forelegs and stands on firm feet. Level enough in topline, and well
ribbed back, lovely hammy hindquarters and drives well off neat hocks. Good return in front and
eye catching in profile, with a non stop tail. Edged her brother out on the final go around for BP
being more collected and reaching and driving better in profile. RBB and BPIB, later went RBPIS
under authority Wendy Barrow (Frankanwen).
2nd) Boyle and Wren’s Zarcrest Ava Gardner, another lovely puppy, this time a shaded red of 10
months; and I could have swapped both of them around another day. Preferred the balance of the
first today and she seemed to project herself slightly better in the ring. This one also very nice,
lovely to go over and super sound on the move. Sure they will change places throughout their
Junior Bitch (3, 0
1st) Paskins’ Territoriya Lubvi Vesna at Kindeace, 15 month old red bitch presenting a nice shape
and size. She won this class on her better ground clearance and soundness moving away and
back, as well has her elegance in profile. She is good in head, has well laid shoulders and decent
elbows. Fair enough in topline and ribbing, but perhaps a little long in body. Stands on good legs
and feet, and as mentioned moves soundly, if a little bum high at the moment. Presented in good
coat with enough furnishings for her age.
2nd) Hutton’s Dachalune Araxia, decent young bitch who was also good to go over, not quite the
head of Lubi Vesna, but her expression was keen and she was very interested in the proceedings.
Okay shoulders and front could be slightly better, ribs could extend further back and she was too
heavy which really did spoil her outline. One she sheds a few pounds she should look a lot better,
she moved soundly away and back, just a bit of a roll in profile. Well presented and handled as
were all exhibits from this kennel.
3rd) Hutton’s Dachalune Abella
Limit Bitch (3, 1)
1st) Garlick’s Ranglewood Laurel, another fine exhibit from this kennel, 2.5 year old shaded read
bitch and a lovely girl too. Lovely headed with great eyes and expression, good layback of
shoulder and nice tight elbows, enough pro-sternum without being overdone, lacks a little in rib
which pegged her back later, but on the move she covers the ground superbly, especially her
great front reach. Edged out later by her kennel mate for RBB.
2nd) Hutton’s Dachalune Annysia, shaded red 18 month old bitch, lovely shape and outline, good
finish to her nice headpiece, well laid shoulders, tight fitting elbows and good feet, well rubbed
back and so her topline was firm. Could lose some weight to advantage, enough muscle and
used herself well when moving, liked her rear drive and also returned true in front. Lacked the
finish and maturity of Laurel, but another lovely girl.
Open (2, 1)
1st) Paskins’ Kindeace Rita Ora, 4 year old bitch, generally a pleasing shape and type. Correct
head and eye, good shoulders but would prefer tidier forelegs, enough ground clearance, firm
topline and neat underline, good hindquarters, liked her elegance on the move, sound both ways
and good in profile, lacked coat and finish. Well handled.
Evan L Ryan (Cavalli/Cavallibrook)