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by Margaret Turner

The formation of our new Club is shrouded in the mists of time.

In 1898, a dozen or so fanciers of the breed formulated the rules and regulations for an association based in the North whose main aims were

1. The improvement of the breed

2. Better classification at shows

3. To offer certain advantages to be enjoyed by members only.

The latter is one of the very things that the Dachshund Club (and in modern times is still perpetualted by certain clubs) was criticised for.

However The Northern Dachshund Association was registered with the Kennel Club on the 21st November 1899. The main instigator of this being Mr de Boinville with another six well known names of the time. These were Mrs Scheerbart, Miss Pigott, Messrs Claude Woodhead, Speechly, Ingram, Scott and of course Mr de Boinville.

Within two years the NDA was recognised by most leading show committees. 

John Feetham Sayer - Click to enlarge

 In 1907 a standard of points were drawn up aided by a j notable Dachshund fancier and member of K.C. Council Mr J F Sayer.  In the 1920's the members subscription was one guinea, a lot of money in those days, it was 15/- in the 1940's and at the present time 2.50

The NDA has been flouishing Club with a distribution of exhibitors UK wide with one Championship Show and an Open Show per year.  It had six sets of CC's in the past but now has only three.  Some of the Eminent Secretaries have included Mr Alf Hague, Mr G Farrand, Miss K Macpherson, Mrs E Dodgson and Mrs Jane Naylor.  The last Secretary who reigned for seven years was Mr Chris Moore who sadly died in January 2010


Move on to 1946 and the formation of the second Club which had a quite bizarre beginning. A group of people, in a pub, sat together and noted details for the foundation of this new Club on the back of a Woodbine packet!  It was to be based in the North East, possibly to rival the NDA.  This enterprising Group was composed of Col & Mrs Gatheral with Steve & Grace Gladwin.  From this auspicious beginning The North Eastern Dachshund Club was founded - with no money in the bank.  Members Subs were 5s-6d (27p). Records do not exist as in those days minutes were only read out.  By 1973 however, the club had 265 in the funds.  Members fees gradually rose to 10s-6d in 1970, 75p in 1978 and today a reasonable price of 2.00

The Club, with a very small committee, has been run by Mrs Trisha Hancock since 2001, has two Open Shows per year with a Championship Show every three years, the last one, being held in 2010.  It has a healthy bank balance looked after by Treasurer Mr Derek Hampton, since 2001, and has a membership of 35.

Fast Forward to 2010  When after, strong hints about too many Shows and struggling entries, a plan was formulated to merge the two leading Northern Clubs.  Following the sad death of Chris Moore, Trisha Hancock became Acting Secretary of NDA while continuing with the NEDC.  On 30th May, two Special General Meetings were held at 12.30pm and 1.30pm with a good turnout at both.  They were chaired by Jane Naylor, the President of both Clubs.  It was felt by the majority that the bringing together of both clubs would be a positive move forward regarding show entries, cost of fuel, the crowned canine calendar, venues etc.  The two Clubs would form one powerful Northern Dachshund base.

Although there were no objections and a couple of abstentions, the majority vote was in favour of amalgamation with Trisha Hancock as Acting Secretary.

The Rest is now History : The New Club name was approved by the Kennel Club who looked favourably on the scheme.  The CC allocation is still under discussion but seems to be going well.  At the first AGM in June 2010, a good committee was elected with Trish Hancock now full secretary, Jane Naylor remaining President and new Treasurer, Mrs Ann Mitchell.

24th March 2012, The Northern Counties Dachshund Association celebrates its First Championship Show and looks forward to a long and Prosperous Future.