Northern Counties Dachshund Association Championship Show 2015

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Jeff Crawford (Voryn)


Dog CC : HIGGINS Leveliss Saucy Sailor
Res Dog CC :  MCDONALD Ch/Am/Gr.Dual Ch Bensarka Phoenix Sun
Bitch CC : SEAGO & GIBBARD Ch Amlida Evora
Res Bitch CC : DALGETY Thundergay Bebop a Lula
Best Puppy :  FEDDERY Wanderhund Scarlet Witch at Santorna
Best Veteran : TURNER Ch Marictur Uptown Madam JW

Veteran Dog or Bitch (1 Entry)
1st: TURNER Ch Marictur Uptown Madam JW

Minor Puppy Dog (3 Entries)
1st: ANDISON & PEEL Fireball Gang Della Parda (Imp Ita)
2nd: SEAGO & GIBBARD Amlida Spirit
3rd: GRAHAM Morailsa Return to Sender to Gameron

Puppy Dog (5 Entries)
1st: TITE Phaeland Special Driver at Rijobeau

Junior Dog (4 Entries)
1st: ANDISON & PEEL Shardaroba's Indian Wedding
2nd: CROSBIE & HOLROYD Bonavoir Red Hector
3rd:  BETHEL & GASKIN Hampdach Simply Red
Res: BURKE & MANSTON Bonavoir Chairman of the Bord

Post Graduate Dog (4 Entries)
1st: BETHEL & GASKIN Sobahli Sham Prezent President to Hampdach (Imp Rus)
2nd: GATHERAL GRAHAM Phaeland Steal the Deal
3rd: STRINGFELLOW Sontag Silver Sorcerer

Limit Dog (4 Entries)
1st: NORTON Matzell Man of the Match
2nd: ANDISON & PEEL Excellmagic Wonderful Way (Imp Rus)
3rd:  GRAHAM Gameron Simply Red

Open Dog (6 Entries)
1st: HIGGINS Ch Leveliss Saucy Sailor
2nd: MCDONALD Ch/Am/Gr.Dual Ch Bensarka Phoenix Sun
3rd: SEAGO & GIBBARD Ch Amlida Dramatiker 

Minor Puppy Bitch (3 Entries)
1st: HIGGINS Leveliss Hong Kong Garden
2nd: SMITH,CONNOR & SORRELL Lady Godiva V D Mibaf's Hoeve at Conchur (Imp NLD)
3rd: PEARSON Leveliss Playground Twist

Puppy Bitch (6 Entries)
1st: FEDDERY Wanderhund Scarlet Witch at Santorna
2nd:TITE Phaeland Starlite Dancer at Rijobeau
3rd: PATERSON Phaeland Sent Direct to Ambiesque
Res: GATHERAL GRAHAM Phaeland Society Dancer
VHC: MACDONALD Bensarka Serabi

Junior Bitch (3 Entries)
1st: ANDISON & PEEL Shardaroba's in Dreams
2nd: NORTON Matzella Minella
3rd: KERRY Kireton Corinna Belle

Yearling Bitch
1st: No Entries

Post Graduate Bitch (4 Entries)
1st: ANDISON & PEEL Sontag Sue Cherself
2nd: LOVICK GIBBS Roleta the Lewis Goodbye
3rd: HOLBURN & KELLEY Phaeland Skye Dancer

Limit Bitch (5 Entries)
1st: DALGERTY Thundergay Blue Bayou
2nd: LOVICK GIBBS Gameron in Kahoots with Roleta
3rd: HOLBURN & KELLEY Phaeland Strathisla Dawn
Res: BURKE & MANSTON Bonavoir Testa Rossa
VHC: CLARK Rijobeau Tantrums N Tiaras

Open Bitch (8 Entries)
1st: SEAGO & GIBBARD Ch Amlida Evora
2nd: DALGETY Thundergay Bebop a Lula
3rd:  NORTON Ch Matzell Maid in Time
Res: HIGGINS Ch Leveliss What She Said
VHC: TURNER Marictur Moulin Rouge

It's four years since I last judged Smooths, a nice healthy gap, and thirty years since I judged them at the Northern in a period when I was not thrilled with them. This time I found a lot more to like although they were a rather mixed bunch. As last time, temperaments on the whole seem to have improved with more tail action on the move and fewer not wanting to be handled on the table and I even had my nose licked a couple of times! There are still a few too big, too hefty or too long and lacking balance or with too much leg wrinkle but, again, most were nice and oval through the front with decent shoulder placement and angulation that enabled them to free-stand soundly in front when they moved back to me and I wasn't aware of any looking apprehensively back over their shoulder at me as they moved away. I was quite surprised at that such a large proportion of the entry were reds and only one of those had weak pigment but was otherwise very good. Just one bite verged on the level and only a couple had tail faults. It was a bit of a puzzle that several who had hindquarters that were good to go over on the table rather straightened them on the move but a lot of that could have been due to the sports centre floor that so many Dachshunds hate. As usual I tried to reward those of medium size, good balance, sound construction and good movement that looked happy to be there and could show themselves off without being propped-up. V (1) 1 Turner's Ch. Marictur Uptown Madam. 9 and a half year old B/T in great nick, clean-limbed with no wrinkle, good shoulder placement and moved very well belying her years. MPD. (3) 1 Andison and Peel's Fireball Gang Della Parda. Lovely red chap of nearly 8 months imported from Italy and of lovely type and balance. Impressed with his wagging tail and good width between the legs on the move, good strong coat and no elbow protrusion. 2 Seago and Gibbard's Amlida Spirit. Impressive choc/tan the same age of a slower maturing type. Pleasing head and coat and should finish well. Not as bold as winner or as snug in elbow, but better feet than third. 3 Grahams' Morailsa Return to Sender to Gameron. PD. (5,3) 
1 Tite's Phaeland Special Driver at Rijobeau. Very handsome and stylish lengthy 10 months red with good bone, substance, head and feet and impressed all round showing himself off even though rushed into the ring. Best Dog Puppy. JD. (4) Hard to sort out the first three in this good class. 1 Andison and Peel's Shardaroba's Indian Wedding. 13 months lengthy red of pleasing type. Well let-down rear but tends to straighten it a bit on the move. Well-bodied with good shoulder placement, head and outline but I should prefer less wrinkle. By the same sire as winner of last class (Screw Driver) and another impressive lad. 2 Crosbie and Holroyd's Bonavoir Red Hector. Another red a couple of weeks older. A good, sound dog with pleasing depth of body and less wrinkle but was all over the place on the move which was mainly due to his gorgeous temperament which was lovely to see. 3 Bethel and Gaskin's Hampdach Simply Red. PGD. (4,1) 1 Bethel and Gaskin's Sobahli Sham President to Hampdachs. 15 months B/T Russian import. Well-made but would have preferred more layback and coat condition needs attention. Moved well on clean wrinkle-free legs. 2 Gatheral-Graham's Phaeland Steal The Deal. I preferred this 2 and a half year old B/T with better shoulder, good length to height proportions, neat elbows and wrinkle free legs on which he moved well coming and going on the mat but hated the floor going around and sadly had to pay the penalty. 3 Stringfellow's Sontag Silvan Sorceror. LD. (4,1) 1 Norton's Matzell Man Of The Match. Clean-limbed lengthy red with a good forechest and balance all round who moved well and scored in holding his outline better on the move. 2 Andison and Peel's Excellmagic Wonderful Way. Another Russian import and a brindle this time. Very nice to go over with good head and neck and a lovely clean front but a bit flat in topline. Moved freely and eagerly but not as together in outline as on the table. 3 Graham's Gameron Simply Red. OD. (6,3) 1 Higgins' Ch. Leveliss Saucy Sailor. Beautifully balanced B/T of a neat size with nothing overdone. Good head, forechest, outline and compact body and all covered with a good strong coat. Moved well both ways and held his outline well going around. CC. 2 Macdonalds' Ch. and Am. Dual Ch. Bensarka Phoenix Sun. My winner of Junior last time and still impresses with his lovely head, temperament, construction and all-round type. All set off by his lovely temperament but he just tended to flatten in underline when taken too fast and rather lose his shape. Pleased to find he sired the Best Puppy. RCC. 3 Seago and Gibbard's Ch. Amlida Dramatiker. MPB. (3) A lovely class to start the girls. 1 Higgins' Leveliss King Kong Garden. 8 months B/T of lovely type and balance. Well-bodied with clean elbows and good front, top and underlines. A reachy neck adds to the appeal and she just needs to get it all together on the move. 2 Smith, Connor and Sorrell's Lady Godiva V D Mibaf's Hoeve at Conchur. Dutch import of similar age and the most gorgeously patterned chocolate dapple and how nice it is to see a dapple back in the ring. Lovely size and type with good shoulders and forechest but would like thicker feet. Freer on the move than the winner but tends to stand bum-high at the moment, a common fault in Standards at this age. 3 Pearson's Leveliss Playground Twist. PB. (6) All five of the new ones were red. 1 Feddery's Wanderhund Scarlet Witch at Santorna. Just over 9 months and by the RCC winner out of a Leveliss bitch. Very well balanced with good head and eye, depth and body properties and a neat size. Moved very well both ways and kept her shape going around. A lovely prospect. Best Puppy. 2 Tite's Phaeland Starlite Dancer at Rijobeau. Litter sister to the winning dog puppy and the same lovely type with good shoulder placement, top and underlines. Not as bold and would like thicker feet but moved acceptably on them.
3 Patersons' Phaeland Sent Direct to Ambiesque. JB. (3) 1 Andison and Peel's Shardaroba In Dreams. Compact red litter sister to the winner of Junior dog and again a lovely temperament. Good depth of body, a hard topline and a strong coat. Would prefer less wrinkle but made the most of herself on the move. 2 Norton's Matzell Minella. Another red of 14 months and super type. Rangier and will take longer to finish and didn't settle as well to the task in hand but lovely to go over and very pleasing in head, expression, neck and feet. 3 Kerrys' Kireton Corinna Belle. PGB. (4,1) 1 Andison and Peel's Sontag Sue Cherself. 2 year old red bitch. Lovely temperament, good for bone, feet and a compact body. Could use a stronger rear to balance the front but looked the best going around. 2 Lovick-Gobbs' Roleta The Lewis Goodbye. Another red of similar age with a lot to like but a rather small head to balance the body and tends to lose her shape a bit on the move. 3 Holburn and Kelley's Phaeland Skye Dancer. LB. (5) 1 Dalgety's Thundergay Blue Bayou. B/T of beautiful type and outline with good head, top, underline and length of ribbing. Carrying a little too much condition but moved very well coming, going and around. Close-up to the final two. 2 Lovick-Gibbs' Gameron In Kahoots with Roleta. Another red of a smaller type and not the bone or balance of the winner but good forechest and length of ribbing. 3 Holburn and Kelley's Phaeland Strathisla Dawn. OB. (8,2) A lovely class of top flight girls to sort out. 1 Seago and Gibbard's Ch. Amlida Evora. Nearly 3 year old B/T with two Roleta parents and one I've seen and admired from afar. Must be at the top of her game and certainly knows it. Stands well over her front and demands attention with her loose-lead showmanship. Beautifully balanced all round and all parts fit and flow into each other. Moves with purpose and appears to have the lot topped with a great show temperament and eagerness to please. CC. and Best of Breed and I was delighted to watch her turn it on again at the end to go Best in Show. 2 Dalgety's Thundergay Bebop A Lula. B/T litter sister to the winner of the last class but in a slightly smaller mould. Super type and condition who scores in shoulder placement which enables her to free-stand well. Lovely outline with shapely top and underlines and looked well next to the winner but didn't quite extend as well behind. Should make-up and was followed by two lovely champion girls in this strongest class of the day. RCC. 3 Norton's Ch. Matzell Maid In Time.