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18th February 2018

Best in Show - Rob Wheeler (Ranveli)

Best in Show - Cedavoch Solar Storm At Bronia

Reserve Best in Show - Rowell's Emmajesk Masquerade JW

Best Puppy in Show - Mae-Jone's Derochaise Manhatton

Best Veteran in Show - Mae-Jone's Ch Derochaise Black Orchid

Smooth Haired


Best of Breed : Mitchell's Cedavoch Solar Storm At Bronia

Reserve Best of Breed : Stringfellow's Sontag Silvan Sorcerer

Best Puppy :



No Entries


Junior (3)

1st Mitchell's Cedavoch Solar Storm At Bronia

2nd Lucas's Viewmoor Happy Days

3rd Gatheral-Graham's Phaeland Secret Delivery


Post Graduate (3)

1st Stringfellow’s Oxonachs Amethyst at Silvatica

2nd Clark's Tiesal Debutnate

3rd Lucas’ Cwmdarhian Summer Nights


Limit (1)

1st Lucas's Cwmdarhian Red to Tango


Open Dog (2)

1st Stringfellow’s Sontag Silvan Sorcerer

02nd Crosbie & Holroyd’s Bonavoir Red Hector


Open Bitch (2, 1 Abs)

1st Turner's Marictur Moulin Rouge

Junior Dog or Bitch – 3

1st Mitchells Cedavoch Solar Storm at Bronia – I just loved this bitch, completely balanced and always looked a picture stood and on the move, Lovely for size, the best of heads, correct ground clearance, good forechest and front assembly, excellent top line stood and moving, Really liked her profile movement. Super condition and coat. Fantastic temperament. BOB, BIS. 2nd Lucas’s Viewmoor Happy Days – Another moderate Dachshund, bit heavier all through, good head, enough neck, good front assembly with strong chest, good ribbing and short loin, sound mover, preferred ground clearance on this one to 3.

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch – 3

Difficult class, none were giving their best.1st Stringfellow’s Oxondachs Amethyst at Silvatica – Preferred the outline and moderation of this one to 2nd and 3rd, ok temperament, lovely headpiece and expression, enough forechest, help topline with sound movement all around. 2nd Clarks Tiesal Debutante – Another not so happy on the table, good proportions with a lovely head and expression, topline ok and parallel on the move. Good bone.

Limit Dog or Bitch – 1

1st Lucas’s Cwmdarhian Red to Tango – Another with a good head and expression, long neck and good shoulder placement, enough forechest, good ribbing and short loin Bit low to the ground clearance and top line run up slightly, could be better going away.

Open Dog - 2

1st Sontag Silivan Sorcerer – Nicely balanced dog, lovely head and expression, enough forechest, good ribbing, help topline on move, fond of tail, preferred elegance of this one to 2. Sound mover.2ndCrosbie’s Bonaoir Red Hector – Sound, moderately long dog, heavier all through than 1, nice head, enough neck, lovely topline held on the move. BOS, RBOB

Open Bitch 2 (1)

1st Turner’s Marictur Moulin Rouge – 9 years old bitch, loved the condition and muscle. Good to go over, nice shoulders, enough forechest, topline ok,



Miniature Smooth Haired


Best of Breed : William's Wilmerella Wells Fargo JW

Reserve Best of Breed :  Kent's Lokmadi Hidden Dragon

Best Puppy : Shutt's Melriding Captain Cook of Donnadoon



Puppy (6, 4 Abs)

1st Shutt's Melriding Captain Cook of Donnadoon

2nd Jameson's Stargang First Addition for Theocliffe


Junior (4)

1st Williams Wilmerella Go West

2nd Cumberland's Mumysami Clickety Clic for Yorami

3rd Herrington's Kathington Just by Chance

Res Bell's Bronia Conchita at Tolberg


Post Graduate (7)

1st Shutt’s Kissed by the Moon Da Casados Quadros of Donnadoon (Imp)

2nd William's Wilmerella Moulin Rouge

3rd Herrington's Kathington Just by Chance

Res Cumberland's Mumysami Miss Solitaire

VHC Lamb’s Midnight Sillouette to Howrigg


Limit (3, 1 Abs)

1st Kent’s Lokmadi Hidden Dragon

2nd Cumberland's Whirlygig Wottaodoo at Mumysami


Open Dog (4, 2 Abs)

1st Williams’ Wilmerella Wells Fargo

2nd Mant's Lokmadi Come Fly with Me to Bowetts


Open Bitch (3, 1 Abs)

1st Shutt's Donnadoon Dreamdust

2nd Kent's Lokmadi Goodnight Irene JW


Puppy Dog or Bitch- 6, abs 4

1st Shutt’s Melriding Captain Hook of Donnadoon – Lovely head and eye, nice forechest, good ribbing and short loin, preferred topline of 2nd. Although naughty still was sound on the move BP.2ndJameson’s Stargang First Addition for Theocliffe – Nice bitch, more toy in head than 1, excellent shape and topline, stood and moving, good in profile, could be cleaner coming towards.

Junior Dog or Bitch – 4

Quite a difficult class.1st Williams Wilmerella Go West – This for me was the most moderate in the class and presented the best shape, ok in head, enough chest, nice condition and coat, excellent in profile movement, would prefer more width coming towards. 2nd Cumberland’s Mumysami Clickety Clic for Yorami – Sound enough bitch, balanced. Head ok, good shoulder placement, would prefer more length of rib, chest ok, good stride in profile could be tidier moving away.

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch – 7, abs 2

1st Shutt’s Kissed by the moon Da Casados Quadros of Donnadoon (Imp) – Loved the shape of this one at all times, best head in the class, long neck, good forechest, moderately long in body. Bit fond of tail, good in profile and preferred up and back movement on this dog to 2. 2) Williams – Wilmerella Moulin Rouge – Moderate little bitch, would prefer more angulation both ends, ok in forechest, held a lovely topline, bit untidy up and back.

Limit Dog or Bitch – 3, abs 1

1st Kent’s Lokmadi Hidden Dragon - 3 year old bitch, good proportions and balance, lovely head and eye, good ribbing and short loin, good feet. Held a lovely topline on move, moved with real pupose and stride, ok up and back. RBOB2nd Cumberland’s Whirlygig Wottatodoo at Mumysami – Well angulated dog, ok in head, moderate length, sound moving from all angles. preferred elegance of 1.

Open Dog – 4, abs 2

1st Williams Wilmerella Wells Fargo JW – Really nice shape whenever I looked at him, nice head and eye, good forechest, shoulder and upper arm, well ribbed and short loin. Fond of tail but preferred up and back than 2. BOB2) Mant-Wood’s Lokmadi Come Fly with Me to Bowetts – Nice red boy, well balanced, good head and expression, ok in forechest and upper arm. Good ribbing, nice top line held on move, sound but wasn’t as happy to move as 1.

Open Bitch – 3, abs 1

1st Shutt’s Donnadoon Dreamdust – Nice brindle bitch, lovely picture of balance, great head, neck and forechest. Well ribbed, more unsettled on the move but preferred ground clearance to 2.  2nd Kent’s Lokmadi Goodnight Irene JW – Sweet bitch that had nice balance, ok in head, enough neck, good forechest and ribbing. Better mover than 1, sound up and back and in profile but lower to floor.



Wire Haired


Best of Breed : Maes-Jone's Derochaise Elusia JW

Reserve Best of Breed :  Mae-Jone's Derochaise Manhatton

Best Puppy : Mae-Jone's Derochaise Manhatton


Puppy (3)

1st Mae-Jone's Derochaise Manhatton

2nd Vine's Cishelvine Can't Catch Me

3rd Horne's Salixian Cafe Noir


Junior (1)

1st Vine's Derochaise Height O'Fashion at Cishelvine


Post Graduate (1)

1st Vine's Cishelvine Just an Enigma


Limit (1)

1st Vine's Derochaise Justified for Cishelvine


Open Dog (2)

1st Mae-Jone's Derochaise Versace JW

2nd Vine & Cishelvine Caught Out


Open Bitch (1)

1st Mae-Jone's Derochaise Elusia JW


Puppy Dog or Bitch – 3

1st Maes-Jones’s Derochaise Manhatton – 6 month old dog, just so composed for one so young and he looked a picture at all times. Beautiful head and expression, lovely coat, well placed shoulders, ok in forechest, strong rear. Such a sound mover and looked balanced from all angles. BP.2nd Vine’s Cishelvine Can’t catch Me – Another nice one, lovely head, well placed shoulders, enough forechest, good body and coat. Moved very well but preferred top line of 1.

Junior Dog or Bitch – 1

1st Vine’s Derochaise Height O’Fashion at Cishelvine – Stood alone and didn’t really want to help her handler today. Beautiful head and eye, log neck, good forechest, excellent topline and matched angulation both ends. Difficult to assess movement as pulled away so much. Good coat.

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch – 1

1st Vine’s Cishelvine Just an Enigma – A very well balanced 22 month old bitch, another with a lovely headpiece, well placed shoulders and long enough neck. Excelling ribbing and body, help top line well on the move where showed accuracy at all angles, would have preferred more condition.

Limit Dog or Bitch – 1

1st Vine’s Derochaise Justified for C– A well-proportioned and balanced dog, lovely shape stood and moving, nice angulation both ends and excellent coat. Would have preferred tighter feet.

Open Dog - 2

1st Maes-Jones’s Derochaise Versace JW. Really liked this well balanced and elegant dog. Best of heads, good neck set in to well laid shoulders, enough forechest, lovely feet. Excelled in topline and coat. Moved well in profile and dead parallel coming and going. Perhaps needed a fraction more hind angulation.  2nd – Vine’s Cishelvine Caught Out – Not quite as together as 1, beautiful head and expression, well bodied with good chest and ribbing, lovely coat and feet. Just stood on his hocks a bit.

Open Bitch – 1

1st Maes-Jone’s Derochaise Elusia JW – A classy bitch, full of breed type and elegance. Always a great picture whenever I looked at her, the best of heads and eye, nice coat, good forechest, ribs well back and well ribbed. Very sound moving from all angles, lovely stride in profile due to the well-matched angulation both ends. BOB, was in the top 3 Dachshund of the day.



Miniature Wire Haired


Best of Breed : Daykin's Barratini Angels Eve

Reserve Best of Breed :  Daykin's Barratini Chatters

Best Puppy :



No Entries


Junior (1)

1st Daykin's Barratini Angels Eve


Post Graduate

No Entries



No Entries


Open Dog (1)

1st Stephenson’s Ohotnichyi Azart Fahrenheit von Wistex


Open Bitch (1, 1 Abs)

1st Daykin's Barratini Chatters


Junior Dog or Bitch – 1

1st Daykin’s Barratini Angels Eve – Very showy bitch. Would prefer a stronger head, good neck into well laid shoulders, well sprung ribs, set back. Held a perfect topline on the move where she showed accuracy at all times. BOB

Open Dog – 1

1st Stephenson’s Ohotnichi Azart Farenheight Von Wistex (Imp) Heavier than the desired size and could carry more body, lovely head, ok for forechest, would prefer more lengthof rib. Good feet and moved very soundly.

Open Bitch – 2, Abs 1

1st Dance’s Emem Gloria Sunshine. Very nice bitch, out of coat but had a lovely typical head and expression, enough forechest, good neck, shoulder placement and well ribbed. Would prefer a tad more hind angulation for balance.


Long Haired


Best of Breed : Mitchell's Bronia Zaylia

Reserve Best of Breed :  Hutton's Ch River Rumpus through Dachalune ShCM

Best Puppy : Wedge's Faulksfollie Miss Minaver at Dolans


Puppy (2)

1st Wedge's Faulksfollie Miss Minaver at Dolans

2nd Hutton’s Abbillis Theoden by Dachalune


Junior (2 1 Abs)

1st Bushell's Ranglewood Harvest Hops


Post Graduate (3, 1 Abs)

1st Rodrigue's Zydexta

2nd Hutton’s Dachalune Annysia


Limit (2)

1st Mitchell's Bronia Zaylia

2nd Hutton's Dachalune Araxia


Open Dog (1)

1st Hutton’s Ch River Rumpus through Dachalune


Open Bitch (1)

1st Absent

Puppy Dog or Bitch – 3, abs 1

1st Wedge’s Faulksfollie Miss Minaver at Dolans – I really liked this bitch, beautiful shape and well proportioned, ideal for size. Lovely head and eye, decent forechest, correct upper arm and shoulder placement.. Nice feet, help a lovely topline on the move and moved with purpose, sound from all angles. Very promising I think. BP, RBOB 2nd Hutton’s Abbillis Theoden by Dachalune – Up to size dog of 11 months, great temperament, heavier in head, correct shoulders, well ribbed, oved very well indeed, just preferred elegance of 1.

Junior Dog or Bitch – 2, abs 1

1st Bushell’s Ranglewood Harvest Hops – Liked this one’s shape, heavier all through, would prefer less broad skull, ok for neck, well ribbed and short loin, good topline and coat condition. Would prefer tighter feet.

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch – 3, abs 1

1st Rodrigues Darsoms Zydexta – Shaded Red dog that was a picture of balance, masculine throughout, good headpiece, long neck and well placed shoulder and correct upper arm. Very sound moving from all angles.2nd Hutton’s Dachalune Annysia – Lovely sized bitch, feminine head and expression, enough chest and ok for neck. Lovely coat condition, moved very well just preferred topline of 1.

Limit Dog or Bitch – 2

1st Mitchell’s Bronia Zaylla – Really liked this red bitch, always looked a picture, well balanced and presented. Correct angulation front and rear, ribs well back and moved soundly from all angles. Lovely flowing topline stood and moving. BOB2nd Bushell’s Dachalune Araxia – Lovely head and expression, good coat, ok for neck, well bodied, could have more slope to croup, moved very well.

Open Dog – 1

1st Hutton’s Ch River Rumpus Through Dachalune Sh.CM – 8 year old dog in super condition. Good head and eye, bit upright in neck set, excellent forechest, level topline. Showed his balance of angulation, sound from every angle.


Miniature Long Haired


Best of Breed : Rowell's Emmajesk Masquerade JW

Reserve Best of Breed :  Bell's Tolberg Cream Treat

Best Puppy : Roberts’ Bell's Tolberg Cream Treat


Puppy (6, 2 Abs)

1st Bell's Tolberg Cream Treat

2nd Cohen's Hutzpah Hothouse Flower

3rd Bell's Tolberg Amber Alert

Res Drady's Indiko Destined to be Cream


Junior (4, 1 Abs)

1st Rowell's Emmajesk Masquerade JW

2nd Cohen's Lilac Blossom for Hutzpah

3rd Drady's Indiko I Am the Music Man


Post Graduate (3)

1st Bell's Tolberg Tilly's Just the One

2nd Drady's Indiko Silver Charm

3rd Woodall's Rarewood Coco Mist


Limit (4, 1 Abs)

1st Shutt's Star Gazer of Donnadoon

2nd Drady's Jumanda's Silver Sparke at Indiko

3rd Woodall's Rarewood Silver Commander


Open Dog (3, 1 Abs)

1st Buchan & Kerslake’s Devonwood Crackerjack at Helenium

2nd Woodall's Ch Half Century at Rarewood


Open Bitch (3, 2 Abs)

1st Cohen's Ralines Red Bouquet for Hutzpah


Puppy Dog or Bitch – 6, abs 2

1st Bell’s Tolberg Cream Treat – 10 month old Cream that won the class with ease. Lovely balance, correct head and eye, enough neck, good in forechest, ok shoulders, Topline held on the move where his soundness really showed. BP, RBOB  2nd – Cohen’s Hutzpah Hothouse Flower – Nice pup, showing promise. Nice shape and topline on move, appreciated her moderation, well bent stifle with low hocks. Sound on the move.

Junior Dog or Bitch – 4 abs 1

1st Rowell’s Emmajesk Masquerade JW – Cream 13 ½ month old bitch, stood out in this class. Correct head and eye, long neck into well placed shoulders, ok in forechest. Good ribbing, well set back, nice low hocks. Lovely coat and condition and excelled on the move. BOB, RBIS.  2nd Cohen’s Nice proportions, lengthy head and good eye, could be better in front, topline level and smooth over croup, absolutely parallel in up and back movement.

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch – 3

1st Bell’s Tolberg Tillys Just the One – Stood out in this class, very well balanced and moderate, Correct head and eye, ok in forechest, well sprung ribs, very sound mover from all angles.

Limit Dog or Bitch – 4, abs 1

1st Shutt’s Star Gazer of Donnadoon – Of the 3 had the best shape and proportions in this class, super head and eye, enough neck, well sprung ribs, could be better in front, sound mover.2nd Drady’s Jumanda’s Silver Sparkle at Indiko – Appreciated the condition on this one, well ribbed, ok in chest and front assembly. Would prefer tighter feet. Moved out well.

Open Dog 3, abs 1

Close class. 1st Buchan’s Devonwood Cracker Jack at Helenium JW Sh.CM – Lovely head and expression for neck, topline held standing and on move. Excellent forechest and well sprung ribs, balanced angulation. Moved out soundly.  2nd Woodall’s Ch Half Century at Rarewood – Much of the same attributes of 1, lovely overall shape and balance, excellent coat, just preferred feet of 1.

Open Bitch – 3, abs 2

1st Cohen’s Ralines Red Bouquet for Hutzpah – well presented 3 year old cream. Appreciated her shape and balance, lovely coat. Would have preferred a longer neck, ok in forechest. Moved freely with purpose.

Any Variety Standard Veteran Dog or Bitch – 4, abs 1

1st Maes-Jones’s Ch Derochaise Black Orchid – What a super 9 1/2-year-old bitch this was. Beautiful head and expression, super coat, excellent forechest, top line held standing and moving, absolutely parallel movement and with stride in profile. BV,  2nd Hutton’s Ch River Rumpus Through Dachalune Sh.CM

Any Variety Miniature Dog or Bitch – 7, abs 1

1st Kent’s Ch Barratini Jeeves at Lokmadi JW – I loved this boy, he never stopped showing, super condition. Loved his outline stood and moving, well sprung ribs, balanced angulation, moved with real purpose, super temperament, 2nd Herrington’s Ch Kathington Couer De Lion – Much of the same virtues as 1 and a very close decision, great balance and shape, super moved, low hocks, just preferred ground clearance of 1.